The Business Meeting with Kansai Companies Representative

Dear Our Valued Customers in Vietnam

We would like to wish your company as in prosperity more and more. We deeply thank you for your continued support.

By the way, on February 22nd, 20 Japanese companies from Kansai area, will be coming to participate in the event of business talks.

We are looking for business cooperation opportunity and completely understand that you may be busy, therefore we would appreciate if you can spare the time to attend the event.


Date & Time Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Venue Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon
(2A-4A Ton Duc Thang st., Dist.1 HCMC)
Admission fee Free
Register method Please send us your confirmation email with information bellows:
①Name ②Position ③Company name ④Contact ⑤Business activities ⑥Preferred business opportunities
Contact / Application (Event administration)

AGS group, Department of Business Matching “The Business Meeting with Kansai Companies Representative”

Tell: 08 3526 8157
Deadline Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 11.59am
We would like to apologize in advance  in cases the participant number might exceed the event capacity, we will have to serve on first-come, first-serve basis.

※The business meeting will be held in form of individual interview based on prior business matching result.Target participants are limited to those whom are matched with the requests of Kansai companies’ requests on goods, products or services.


1 K・H Industry ·「Selling」We wish to have business talks with distributors and agencies in demand of selling digital scale, automatical scale 「ONE SHOT! HAYADASHI KUN 」

·「Consigning」We are looking for business talks with Steel factory producing stainless steel, plant equipment and tank
2 NANKAI SHAFT MFG Co.,Ltd. We are considering selling polished steel bars. We would like to have business talks with parts manufacturers such as transportation equipment, construction machinery and industrial machinery, civil engineering and construction material manufacturers, metal parts manufacturers.
3 Tsugawa Electric Works Co., Ltd. ·We are trading various motors, pumps, winches / machine models resistant to salt, water,  that can be used in outdoor / ocean.
·We would like to consider various possibilities dealing with contractors for marine parts (Japan ⇒ Vietnam), dealing with contractors of motor parts (eg magnet, coil wire, electromagnetic steel sheet) (Vietnam ⇒ Japan).
4 YOSHIMASA SYOUTEN Co.,Ltd. 「Selling」:Oversea brand bicycle
「Consigning」:We are considering of producing of original bicycles and bicycle parts.
5 NITOAI  Mechanical Co.,Ltd. We are making cans / sheet metal, We are running business with Vietnamese staff with great experience for long time in Japan. Our outstanding is possibly providing quality management, delivery on time  at acceptable price. We are looking for business talks with machine manufactures
6 UENO IRON WORKS Co.,Ltd. ·Possessing laser processing machine with 6 KW, press break 250t, 3m,  we could bend precision sheet metal cut and bend from 0.3 t to 25 t in thickness.
·We are looking for business talks with companies in demand laser processing (precision sheet metal).
7 TANAKA SANGYO Co.,Ltd. ·We mainly deal with valves and related products such as flanges, fittings, pumps, flexible hoses, industrial measuring instruments, stirrers, heat exchangers, and industrial machinery parts etc., which are mainly used in manufacturing factories.
·We are looking for business talks with local and foreign manufacturers of chemical, medicine, food, local plumbing companies / canned manufacturers, foreign-invested high quality valve manufacturers, foreign-invested plumbing manufacturers.
8 Fuji Industry Co., Ltd. ·We are looking for manufacturers vinyl waterproof pants, durable raincoat selling to Japan no matter of the size of quantity
·There are various way of trading,and we are considering both way import and export if possible
9  SANWA METAL INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. Our company is the top manufacturer of grease nipple in Japan. In addition, we have been developing markets centered on Southeast Asia region for over 40 years. It woul be our pleasure to corporate with buyer who deal with each machine parts
10  NANKAI KINZOKU VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. ·We are producing argricutural machine component, bicycle parking part, logistics equipment.
·We are looking for business talks with distributors
11 SANKO、Co.,Ltd. ·We are specilized in dryers manufacturer, we would like to distribute dryers to Vietnam manufactured and inspected in Vietnam according to Japan design.
· We would like to manufacture food machinery (ex: breadmaking machine) with available heat and control technology  and develop business ((business alliance) as a catalog product
· We are looking for tool trading companies, equipment machine manufacturers, investors
12 DAIYU STEEL Co.,Ltd. ·We are trading steel sheet (0.8mm-12mm).
·We are looking for iron plate imported company
13 Qbei ·To bicycle retail shop, We are looking for Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.M.E) in demand for sport bicycle model.  Our motto:is high quality and low price is the best
14 RIKEN KEIKI NARA MFG.Co.,Ltd. We would like to sell:
·  Press Load Monitoring Device (NEW SELBER VL)
·  Dead Point Monitoring Device ((NEW SELBER VX)
We are looking for press machinery trading company . pressing maintenance service company
15 DAINICHI HANSO Co.,Ltd We are looking for discussing with:
·Local rice polishing machine manufacturers,
·Milling machine manufactures,
·Coffee roasting company
·Conveyor maintenance company
·Conveyor Manufactures
·Food company packing powder automatically or semi-automatic
16 Nakano Manufacturing Co., Ltd ·Detailed material properties: (SC/ SCM/ SUJ2・A2017/ 5052/ 5056/ 6061/ 6063・SUS303/ 304/ 316/ 316L・C3604・FC/ FCD/ foundry/ ADC)
·We are implementing management between practical product and mill sheet certification.
·Detailed size and sharp of processing: NC Lathe and MC could cut and process at the size of the little finger,  process round objects, angular objects and irregular shapes, manage geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, process the heat and surface treatment
·Without scratching,  measuring thickness and hardness after processing, and can submit the inspection report.
·Quality: Quality control department is specialized person in charged establish, has Shipping inspection certificate, ISO and other quality standards are certified.
·We are looking for companies that can consistently handle each process of steel sales / metal cutting / heat treatment / surface treatment /.
17 KYOKUTO ELECTRIC CO,.LTD <Buying> We are looking for the meeting with the screw manufacturers, Electronic parts trading companies
<Consigning>We would like to consign from design, development to molding / mounting / assembly / inspection. Those screw manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers, automobile manufacturers please contact us.
18 KOBATAEN Co.,Ltd. ・We are looking for business talks with trading company selling Japanese Tea imported from Japan in Vietnam and retail tea store, local company making plan for product using Japanese Tea, High Class Japanese Restaurant
19 Sharp chemical Ind.Co.,Ltd ·We are adheasive material manufacturer proven in Japan, China, and in Asian.
·We are looking for  adheasive agencies using sealing material in architect as well as distributor using  industrial  adhesives
·We are looking for a business talks with supplier with experience in producing adheasive material, distributor using  building materials strongly in construction industry
20 INOUE IRON WORKS Co.,Ltd. ·  Producing stainless
·  Possibly manufacturing at 65-80% of the Japan’s production cost
·  Permanent Japanese craftsmen
·  Great achievement in producing pharmaceutical parts in high precision
We are looking for a business talks with the processing companies, vendors, local pharmaceutical companies selling with such as  producing stainless.