Vietnam Tax and Accounting and Auditing Services

Vietnam Tax and Accounting and Auditing Services

With a large number of Japanese accountants with experiences and achievements in Japanese accounting and Vietnamese employees who know very well about the accounting situation in Vietnam, we are supporting customers who are running business in Vietnam to solve taxation and audit problems. Not only in Ho Chi Minh City, we can also support in other provinces including Nha Trang, Ha Noi, Hai Phong…

Accounting Service


Input documents given by the customers into accounting software.

Make monthly/annual financial statement

Proceed making monthly/annual financial statement under Vietnam Accounting standards.

Translate general ledger into Japanese

Translate sections in general ledger and journal into Japanese.

Report (support in audit report)

Support audit in relation to compliance with laws and regulations.

According to regulations of accounting, company with foreign investment are forced to conduct auditing once a year.

Translate audit report into Japanese

Translate audit report into Japanese including: report of Diector Board, Audit report, Audited annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, …)

Reclassify the financial statements relating to consolidated balance sheet

Before conducting consolidated financial statements, we will classify the financial statements of the representative office in Vietnam in compliance with accounting standards regulated by parent company. Settling documents according to regulated principles will transfer criteria from Vietnam accounting standards to international ones. In Japan, we recommend reports under accounting standards accepted by Japan Accounting Association rule number 18 “Steps to handle account figure in financial statements of subsidiaries in foreign countries”

Consolidated Financial Statement

Before conducting consolidated financial statement, we will make monthly financial statements about internal trade relating to representative office in Vietnam.

Accounting software introduction

Management Accounting (price management, price discount method)

Support account consulting (for Export Processing Enterprise (EPE), ordinary enterprise (non-EPE), preferntial tax rate, corporate tax rate, basic tax rate), Bill of materials (BoM), basic price calculation, fixed price and variable price analysis, Cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis; set up the enterprise resource planning system, and other support relating to price calculation.

Preview financial statements

Investigate the posibility of the financial statements. Investigate the financial statements to decide whether they need any adjustment based on Vietnam accounting standards.In order to do this, we will use sampling method, and then send monthly report to the customers in Japanese and Vietnamese. Moreover, we also support in checking internal business if necessary for making financial statement.

Tax Service

Calculate and declare corporate income tax (CIT), Personal income tax (PIT) or value added tax (VAT) in Vietnam accounting system the same as in Japan accounting system. As Vietnam accounting system is always edited so it is quite difficult to get updated with the latest version. Moreover, law regulations have not been completed but some parts are still used in some contracts. Even for some accountants,they also have problems and difficulties in getting familiar with new changes in accounting system, so sometimes it leads to subjective explaination. For tax payers, they may encounter some difficulties in getting the proper solutions until they get the official letter. Therefore, maintaining the trustworthy news resouces and accuracy in Vietnam accounting system is not easy.

Personal Income Tax (PIT)

Make PIT report for individuals with income inside the country and from abroad.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Make monthly or annual VAT report based on relative accounting documents and red invoice.

Corporate Income Tax (CIT)

Make monthly or annual CIT report based on information on montly financial statements and tax spreadsheets.

Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT)

Make FCT report relating to supply service fee in foreign countries.

Consultation for Financing

Consultation for short-term loans

Apart from capital increase consulation, we also support in making short-term loan contracts, as well as making annual report and send to the national bank.

Register long-term loan at the national bank

Register long-term loan at the national bank (with more than 1-year payment) On top of that, we also support in making registration documents and capital loan contracts under Loan Agreement to be accepted by the national bank.

Account Consulting


Support in audit and account consulting through face-to-face meeting,email or telephone…


Make payroll based on corporate’s salary documents (labour contracts) and timesheets.

Social Insurance

Make social insurance report such as report about changes in emplyee number, salary change report,etc…Moreover, all these documents will be submitted to social insurance office every month.

M&A support

Conduct research and assess corporation in terms of accounting with highest responsibility. AGS M&A belongs to AGS Group and can give you the general coonsultation about negotiation, discussion relationg to M&A. Please feel free to contact us for more information about M&A

Support improving internal control

Support to improve internal control making financial statement. Especially we can support making internal report and improving the control of internal fraud.
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