AGS recruitment and policy

AGS welcome all proavtive and potential staff

For those who have not had any experiences, we will have suitable method to evaluate your ability accurately. Even for those who have resigned from AGS, if you are qualified enough you are always welcomed again without any discrimination. Except those who are potential but dishonest and unfaithful to the company. Those who only care about their own advantages and disturb company or customer business are not highly respected. People of those characteristics are not welcomed again after leaving the company. However, as there are no discriminations no matter what the resigntion reason is,we encourage you to take challenge and try your best if you would like to work for AGS again. It is never too late to learn anything, so we always welcome candidates who are willing to take challenges, and have a strong motivation to move forward. Even though you have resigned from the company, if you would like to develop yourself more in work, you can apply again since our aim is to develop the company together with the staff.

After joining AGS, we will focus on staff development

Together with the staff, we aim to develop the company with the customers. We extremenly appreciate potential staff. We also aim at growing up, developing and getting succes like the way the Vietnamese people and the whole Vietnam did. On top of that, we will ensure the growth, development and success of the customers by always following up their business. From now on, we will continue to focus on education and investment for future development. We appreciate the spirit to take challenges and grow up.

Job requirements

Working location
  • HCMC 12F Harbour View Tower, 35 Nguyen Hue st., District 1
  • HaNoi 6F Hoang Sam Building, 260-262 Ba Trieu st., Hai Ba Trung Dist.
  • DaNang 5F Vinh Trung Plaza, 255-257 Hung Vuong St., Thanh Khe Ward, Da Nang, Vietnam
Working time
Mon – Fri (8:00 ~ 17:00)
Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and other days regulated by the company
Regulated by the company
Quarter – Tet bonus (depend on employee performance)
Provided things
PC, stationery …

Social welfare

  • Social insurance
  • Free parking fee
  • Annual trip for all emplyees
  • Year-end party
  • In-house training policy

Recruitment process

Step 1: Applying

Please send your application by email to the recruitment website address and please following with our request below:
  •  Title email: [Office Location] – [Position] – [Full name] – [Resource Application]
Ex: HCM – Kế toán viên hành nghề – Nguyễn Bình An – AGS vina website
  • File attached: CV, cerfitication (If have)
Or you can send application information directly here

Step 2: Interview

After passed CV round, you will have 1 or 2 interviews round at company. Manager/Chef of Division/Team Leader are directly join the interview. Before the interview, you will have a test about qualification and languages (Japanese or English)

Step 3: Result announcement

After a while consider about interview result, company will decided candidates who have qualified to join. HR Department will send you the result and Offer Letter (Around 1 week from the interview date)

Step 4: Entering company

After receiving the agreement from candidates, company will start the procedures to work for candidates. Thus, candidates can start working from 1 week or 1 month from the date of application.


Do you have any regulations about uniform or hair style?
We do not have any particular regulations relating to uniform or hair style. But as sometimes we have to meet the customers so staff are required to dress formally and professionally
How long does it take for recuitment process?
It depends on the job and the position you apply, but within 1 week to 1 month from application, you can start working for the company
Does the company return the application form to the applicants?
Usually we do not return the application form to the candidates. The application form will be carefully saved and deleted if necessary
I have applied to this company before, so can I still submit my application form again?
Yes you can submit your application form again. In that case, please follow the application submitting steps
Are Japanese and English abilities required ?
As most of our customers are from Japan so we use Japanese as the main communication language. Apart from that, we also use English to make contract, or reply email to the customers so it is necessary that you have a basic level of English. There are some Japanese staff who can speak English quite well so if you would like to learn Japanese, we can offer you Japanese lessons with them.
Where can I ask questions relating to recruitment?
Please feel free to contact us at
In case the applicant does not write the CV himself/herself or the information in the CV are inaacurate, he/she will be disqualified to apply, or the contract will be cancelled even having been recruited. Therefore, we hope that the applicants will give the true information about themselves while applying.
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