Full package service before and after entering Vietnam market

AGS provides one-stop service from survey conducting before entering the market to accounting after the conpany has already been founded. After you have become familiar with basic legal terms, we will support you during the first strategic phase so that you can highly focus on running your company. Moreover, we will also handle your accounting and taxes and help you cut out all the unneccessary fees in order to improve your business.

Mini surveys

This is a small and simple survey conducted before site inspection at local places with an aim to understanding more about the price and the information about company products as well.

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Mission in site inspection in Viet Nam

This is a short visit to the company in the first place. You will have a chance to observe and understand more about the whole Vietnam: Country, people, business in Vietnam,etc…
This is a small lecture about business in Vietnam.

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Business matching

We introduce Japanese Corporation in Vietnam or local corporation to become the potential business partners like “Outsourcing contractor”, “Sales Agency”

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Rep Office and Enterprise Registration

It is the procedures to get the Investment license. We will support you in case you have any changes or additions.

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Entry and temporary residence

We support for applying for VISA, work permit and temporary residence certificate.

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Legal, Labour, Legal Research & Documentation in Vietnam

We support in making rules and work regulations, creating labour contracts as well as salary tables.

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Accounting and Taxation in Vietnam

In charge of services including: book-keeping, financial statements, personal income tax (PIT) calculation, salary calculation, Corporate Income Tax (CIT), etc…

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Personnel consulting

We recommend Vietnamese and Japanese personnel, interpreters for short-term projects, etc.
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General affairs

We provide general services such as customer correspondence, human resource and labor.


We also offer business and representative office support, seminar lecturer, internship for Japnanese students, and recommend specialized companies of various industries.