Admin Service

Admin Service

Service Characteristics

  • Support Admin Services after the establishment of a Local Legal Entity in these situations as: Not promptly recruiting employees , Maternity Leave, Unannounced Resignation, …ect
  • Support short-term service as: Obtaining a short-term Stay Visa to Japan, Opening Account Procedure for Legal Entity or Individual, Translation Service,..ect


  • Serving customer
  • Creating and Managing Internal Document
  • Office Maintenance Services


  • Manage Contract / Invoice / Expenses
  • Support Issue VAT Invoices
  • Transactions and Procedures with Banks
  • Make a payment to vendor

Short-term Options

  • Support Translating-Interpreting (Japanese – Vietnamese)
  • Support Creating VAT Invoices
  • Support Opening Account Procedure for Legal Entity or Individual ( Prepare
  • Application Documents, Support customers to register at bank)
  • Support Obtaining short-term Japan VISA
  • Support Immediate Establishing for Local Legal Entity
  • Support Admin Service Training Consulting
  • Support Notarized Procedure and Consular Legalization