Admin Service

Admin Service

Features of the services

  • Support Admin Services about Reception, Management of receivables and payables, Human Resource – Labor in cases such as: Not recruiting employees in time after the establishment of a Corporation or Representative office, or Admin person in charge is on her maternity leave, suddenly unannounced resignation and so on.
  • Support short-term services as: Translating and Interpreting service, Support Opening Bank Account Procedure for Corporate and Individual, Obtaining a short-term Stay Visa to Japan, Concierge Service, PO box Service, and so on.

Support Reception

  • Respond to customers through phone or support at reception desk
  • Receive documents/ Manage by list or send to post office
  • Manage company’s files, documents (copy, scan, filing), stationery, office supplies
  • Arrange for domestic business trip (book airplane ticket and hotel, rental car…), congratulations and condolences (telegram messages or flowers)
  • Print business cards, pamphlets and so on. (Print data prepared by Client)

Support management of receivables and payables

  • Create contracts and documents in Vietnamese, translate internal company documents
  • Interpreting
  •  Issue VAT invoice and receipt
  • Accounting support (invoice, receipt, filling, make cash book and cash counting)
  • Support bank transaction (make payment data via internet banking, tax, salary, supplier, social insurance, and so on), support bank procedures

Human resources and Labor

  • Contact with human resources company, support making quotations and agreements, support making recruitment
  • Arrange interview
  • Making offer letter
  • Control working days and overtime working hours by data

Short-term services

  1. Translate (Japanese into Vietnamese)/ Interpret (Japanese into Vietnamese)
  2. Support opening bank account (prepare application form, inform to you your bank account when finished)
  3. Support obtaining short-term Japan VISA
  4. PO box service (Receive and store mail: Up to 25 mails)
  5. Store documents (Box (40x40x40cm): Up to 5 boxes)
  6. Concierge service (Book domestic flight ticket/ hotel room, rental car, send congratulation flower/ offering flower, purchase devices, reserve hospital, move office, so on)
  7. Printing (Business card, pamphlet, brochure and so on: getting the final data for printing)

Package plan

Support employees who working far from home (500USD/person/month)
  1. Support finding apartment
  2. Support rental agreement
  3. Support SIM card
  4. Support business card (Getting the data for printing/ Printing cost will be requested by separate payment request)
  5. Support opening bank account for salary (Because each bank has its opening procedure, we can not confirm exactly the opening procedure is the same or not)
  6. Register taxi card (Corporate contract: deposit will be separately required)
Office set up (300USD/month)
  1. Accompany the Client finding office (Interpreting is possible)
  2. Support office agreement (Office selection is handled by customer or real estate company)
  3. [If necessary] Support selecting interior company
  4. Support installing devices (Printer, office’s desk/chair, stationery and so on)
  5. Support installing internet/telephone
  6. Support searching and conducting bike’s parking contract