Other Services

Other Services

Business representative/ Business support

Support in market expansion in Vietnam Conduct customer’s business in their stead. We are really looking forward to hearing from Japanese Corporation who aim to “Sell products in Vietnam – a very promising market”. The business plan will be adjusted to be 100% suitable with the products and the customer’s need. Apart from those who are in charge in business in the company, we can also send staff specialized in business according to your need. Moreover, we also have services such as planning business materials, translating email… During the past years, we have been receiving a lot of discussions from customers who have no branches in Vietnam. Thus, please feel free to contact us. Procedures until business accomplishment 1. Discuss, receive information (through email, skype or meeting…) 2. Suggest plans and business strategies:
  • Product management
  • Target (Vietnamese corporation or Japanese Corporation)
  • Recommend how to conduct business? (web/direct mail/telecall/direct visit…)
3. Sign contract 4. Conduct tasks. 5. Report business situation * Our main job, together with Business matching Department, is to take responsibility in market research to look for potential markets and support from marketing stage. * We very much welcome the customers who would like to discuss about their needs like for customers who come to Vietnam for business and are exploring Vietnam market but want to conduct business after turning back to Japan, or whether it is necessary to bring along the Japanese – Vietnamese translator,etc…

Support in Japanese – Vietnamese translation

Staff with N2 certificate will be sent to support in Japanese – Vietnamese translation Vietnamese staff will experiences in working with the Japanese and have an insight into Japanese culture will accompany with you, so please be ensured that you will have no difficulties in your first visit in Vietnam market. You can use our services when visting industrial zones,distributors…and discuss with your partner. On top of that, we can also support in booking car and making an appoitment (by agreement).
  • Whole day: 150USD (8h~17h)
  • Half a day: 80USD (8h~12h/13h~17h)

Email translation/interpretation

Document translation. Price quotation will depend on the difficulty, content amount, and deadline. Please feel free to contact us
  • Email translation: 200 USD/month (about 20 emails)
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