2019年 新年のコメント 石川 幸 AGSグループ代表

To All staff of AGS Group,


Ko Ishikawa – Director – AGS Group

“Xin Chao. Chuc Mung Nam Moi”.

A happy new year for 2019.

I hope that everyone related to Vietnam and Japan will have the greatest year in 2019. AGS has also spent 10 years during this time. We would like to aim higher with further care.

This year is the previous year from 2020, where the Tokyo Olympic will be held.
It can be said that the uncertainty in external factors has been increased following the heat of conflicts regarding trade.

Continuingly, AGS group is aggressive and still has opportunity in the growing environment of Vietnam. We would also like to take a look at the Tokyo Olympics and focus on our daily work.

I expect for all staffs that  you have “the affection for the project”. If one wants to be a professional, one should have a big affection naturally.

Moreover, we can be aware of things which we are notaware during dailywork. That could lead us to a critical viewpoint, widening of our views, and growing out of our old skin (such as having a breakthrough, or beaking the wall). These things are perhaps not easy to make happen intentionally. But I believe that you will all experience these meaningful experiences.

In the end, I wish for everyone’s health, heartiness and great development of their business.

For our company, we constantly strive to improve our service even further. We will greatly appreciate your support and encouragement.

Thank you & Best regards,