中央銀行によれば、四年に渡る大規模な再編によって、MDBank, MHB, DaiABank, Ficombank, TinNghiaBank, SouthernBank, WesternBank Habubankの8行の名前が市場から姿を消した。
 経済学者であるTran Hoang Nganは現在の銀行数は適当であると述べた。しかし、彼はどのくらいの行数が経営状態にあるのかが重要なのではなく、どのように銀行を効率的に運営するかが大切であると述べた。再編の後、中央銀行の設定した計画により、経営不振の銀行は全て回復したと同氏は述べる。
 Truong Van Phuoc国家金融監督委員会の副会長は、債務再編という大きな困難にもかかわらず、再編後の銀行システムは利益を出していると述べた。損失を出した三行を除いて、その再編後の銀行システムは、2014年時点で課税後の利益で34兆ドン(15.17億ドル)であり、2013年比で5.3%の上昇、そして2012年比で13.8%の上昇となっている。 (151217)

Hanoi (VNA) – The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) will reduce the reserve requirement ratio for banks that take part in the restructuring of the banking system.

Under Circular 23/2015/TT-NHNN, which will take effect on January 28 next year, the SBV Governor will consider reducing the ratio even to zero percent for ailing banks that are under the central bank’s special supervision.

As for banks, which are under restructuring or are selected by the central bank to take part in the restructuring of other ailing banks, the Governor will decide on decreasing the ratios depending on each case.

Currently, the compulsory reserve ratio applicable to demand and below 12-month term deposits is three percent of the total deposits, while the rate for 12-month-plus term deposits is one percent. The ratios for foreign currency deposits are eight and six percent, respectively.

The above rates have remained unchanged since 2012.

Under the circular, the central bank also said it would impose fines on banks that fail to meet the reserve requirement ratio.

Industry insiders said the move was aimed at encouraging banks to take part in the restructuring as the reduction of the reserve requirement ratio would help them have cheaper capital sources.

According to the central bank, after four years of major restructuring of the banking system, eight names have disappeared from the market, which are MDBank, MHB, DaiABank, and Ficombank, as well as TinNghiaBank, SouthernBank, WesternBank and Habubank.

Economist Tran Hoang Ngan said the current number of banks was ‘reasonable’. However, he said it was not important how many banks were operational, but how to manage the banks in the most effective way.

After the restructuring, all weak banks had recovered well in accordance with plans set up by the central bank, Ngan said.

Deputy Chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Committee Truong Van Phuoc said despite the huge difficulties in the debt settlement process, the banking system still could make profits. Except three banks that made losses, the system still could make a post-tax profit of 34 trillion VND (1.517 billion USD) in 2014, an increase of 5.3 percent when compared with 2013, and 13.8 percent when compared with 2012.-VNA (151217)